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How to create 8 bit colormap PNG image for usplash

ubuntulogoI have both the libusplash-dev and libbogl-dev packages installed, followed the instruction in /usr/share/doc/libusplash-dev/examples to change eft-theme.c to my own theme, then followed the instructions in Usplash Customization Howto to install the new theme.

However, I still got a blank screen. It took me a while to figure out that it was the problem with the colormap of my splash PNG images. The utility pngtousplash doesn’t convert the image to C code properly. Read more »


How to change xfce4 themes to use Gnome icons

ubuntulogoChanging the Icon-Theme in xfce4 from Rodent (default) to Gnome sets the xfce4 window manager to use the Gnome icons set. This only means the icons in the Desktop, xfce4 menus are using the Gnome icons set. However, the theme itself doesn’t use the Gnome icons set, that means all the GTK applications (Firefox and many others) are still using icons from the Rodent set. I personally prefer the Gnome icons because of the look and the choice of many icons. Read more »


How to extract storage device information without using dmesg

ubuntulogoI come across this problem in one of my projects. How can I easily retrieve storage device information (such as brand, partition, label, filesystem etc) and integrate to another program ? E.g If an USB storage device is plugged into a machine or a LiveCD is running on an unknown machine and trying to detect what storage devices are connected. Read more »