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CSS SyntaxHighlighter 2.0: short tutorial on how to create your own syntax highlighter


This is a tutorial showing you how to create your own syntax highlighter using CSS SyntaxHighlighter 2.0. Before reading this tutorial you need to know regular expression pretty well. Read more »


Malformed HTTP Protocol from

NetworkingAgain, I was diagnosing HTTP protocol traffic on my local network and I noticed something really strange that disturbed the HTTP protocol analyser module in AppQoS. A serious malformed response packet was found from The response headers were formed without probably ended with CR, only LF and the misspell of the ‘Connection’ header. Here shows an example of the response packet from the site using Wireshark/Ethereal. Read more »


Malformed HTTP Protocol from Yahoo Traffic Server (YTS)?

NetworkingI noticed that my HTTP protocol analyser module of AppQoS reported some malformed HTTP packets. This was strange at first sight as the RFC for HTTP protocol is pretty well defined or this may be a bug in my module. So I inspected the captured packet with Wireshark/Ethereal. Thankfully, it wasn’t a bug in my module, it was actually the packet. Read more »