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Slight CSS change on Twenty Ten theme

Just found out a new theme, Twenty Ten. A very nice theme has a very similar look to my another favourite theme, Cutline. However, there is a slight CSS alignment problem (the bottom of the page menu covered some of the first blog entry and the first widget). As I have already purchased the WordPress’s Custom CSS package which allows me to overwrite the theme’s CSS. Read more »


Note on using .style.display on <TR id=… >

I always thought .style.display property only have two values, ‘block’ and ‘none’, until I came across a problem on displaying and hiding a table row.

I have the following HTML script:
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Malformed HTTP Content-Type value from Apache-Coyote 1.1

Couple days ago, I was maintaining AppQoS appliances at customer site and noticed that one of our analysis tables from the HTTP module produced some strange results.

The table displays all the HTTP traffic in terms of media type (MIME) and transaction size in descending order. Read more »