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May 17, 2010


Note on changing Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater parameters

by Joe Kuan

Sometimes you may have a Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater object running in the background and you need to change the parameter of the page.

To do that, simply change the Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater.options.parameters field, not AjaxPeriodicalUpdater.parameters.

var pu = new Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater(element, 'page.php',
                      { method: 'get',
                        parameters: { arg: val, arg1: val1 }
pu.options.parameters = { arg2: val2, arg3: val3 };

Don’t assign options.parameters directly with query string. Do the following instead:

var qstr = "arg2=val2&arg3=val3";
pu.options.parameters = qstr.toQueryParams();
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  1. Attic
    Oct 20 2010

    Thanks a lot, had this exact problem and solved it thanks to your solution.

  2. ben
    Nov 8 2010

    thanks! helped me a lot!!!

    where’s your flattr button? :)


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