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Highcharts Adapter for Ext JS with animation support

Here is a modified version of Highcharts Adapter for Ext JS that supports both initial and update animations.

You can download via github:

The original author of Highcharts Adapter is buz posted it onto the forum. I modified it to bring the stylish Highcharts animations into the elegant Ext JS. Read more »


How to use Ext JS CRUD PHP example

Ext JS CRUD enables Store object to perform create, read, update, destroy through a common interface in MVC style. In the example, Sencha provides a demo example of CRUD operations. In here, I describe how the backend PHP sides work along with CRUD. Read more »


Minor Interaction Improvements on Ext JS Row Editor Example

I’ve been exploring the Ext-JS Row Editor Example which the whole presentation and user experience are very slick. However, I do find couple minor problems with the example.

Issue 1. When click on the ‘Add Employee’ button, it automatically inserts a new row at the top. However, if you click on another row, the Row Editor will move on to the selected row. In my view, this shouldn’t be allowed unless the user clicks the Update or Cancel buttons because the state of the new row is still in modified state. Read more »