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Changing column’s editor dynamically in ExtJS RowEditor

This article is to demonstrate how to change the editor in a column dynamically with RowEditor. Suppose you have a ExtJS Grid with several columns, one of the columns indicates the value type of another column. In another word, the type column’s editor is a ComboBox object for selecting different types whereas the value column’s editor varies associating with that type. This is trivial to do in a simple GridPanel object. However, for more sophisticated RowEditor is slightly tricky. Read more »


Extending ExtJS CRUD operations on id and baseParams

There are couple things I would like to extend the ExtJS CRUD operations for my application.

  1. If the baseParams property is specified inside a Store object, the HttpProxy will pass the content of baseParams as part of the JSON string. However, the server side Php’s CRUD operations ignores it, ie none of the data in baseParams can be found in Request->$params
  2. The syntax for id field in Restful URL is too restricted for only [0-9]+

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Force downloading XML files on IE

I have this old code for downloading files using hidden IFRAME. Strangely, it just doesn’t work on IE when downloading XML files, it works on anything other than .xml file extension. Making the hidden IFRAME visible shows that IE automatically opens the XML file within the IFRAME, even the HTTP MIME header is ‘application/force-download’ (I have also tried ‘download, x-download’) on the server side. Read more »