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An enhanced version of – setSubMenuHandler

I have added a new feature for defining submenus handlers for menu items from StoreMenu. Supposed each item from the StoreMenu need to have it’s own submenus. Then you can define the handler as

StoreMenu.setSubMenuHandler(handler, submenuType)

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How to send & receive serialized simple objects across PHP & Python? Of course! JSON

I hacked a client & server PHP programs for part of a demo. However, the notorious memory intensive PHP makes my server process swallowing so much memory (the size of sample data and lots of associative arrays) to a point that is impractical to run. So I decided to bite the bullet to port the server side into Python. Then it was fine until it hit me, “How is the PHP client going to talk to Python server side?” Read more »


An enhanced version of

The StoreMenu is a dynamic menu using ExtJS Store class to retrieve and expand the menu items from the server side. It is a very useful utility class. For usage and technical detail, you can refer to the forum. However, there are a number of areas I think it can be improved which are

  1. menu item’s handler function should not necessary return from the server side.
  2. since it is extended from which should be also capable of adding buttons as well as loading & add menu items from the Store.
  3. related to no.2, if the StoreMenu handles both menu buttons & dynamic menu items, the users should be able to assign where (offset) dynamic items to expand in respective to the static items.
  4. Dis/Enable to load from Store every time when the menu is expanded.

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Selective column search using ExtJS Combo and SearchField together

In ExtJS samples, there are couple showing how to use the SearchField class. However, I need the search to be more selective, ie the search is performed on specific or combination of column fields. Read more »