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April 20, 2011


An enhanced version of – setSubMenuHandler

by Joe Kuan

I have added a new feature for defining submenus handlers for menu items from StoreMenu. Supposed each item from the StoreMenu need to have it’s own submenus. Then you can define the handler as

StoreMenu.setSubMenuHandler(handler, submenuType)

the handler is the Button handler function – handler(button, event). The submenuType is the type for building the submenu handler.

Following is a sample code for setting a submenu handler.

var menuReport = new{
   url: '/pages/getReports.php',
   root: 'rows',
   idProperty: 'id',
   fields: [ 'id', 'text', 'iconCls' ]

   function(button, evt) {
      // Extracts the menu item from the button id
      var idArr = button.getId().split(',', 2);
      var id = idArr[0];

      // Launch the editor with report id
   // Submenu type to match from the server side

Then on server side, you need to return the submenu config string. Here is a sample code in PHP

foreach ($entries as $id => $entry) {
    // Build submenu for each report - delete, edit, schedule, view
    $subMenu['items'] = array(
           array('id' => "{$id},delete", 'text' => 'Delete',
                 'smHandler' => 'delete'),
           array('id' => "{$id},edit", 'text' => 'Edit Template',
                 'smHandler' => 'edit'),
           array('id' => "{$id},schedule", 'text' => 'Schedule/Run',
                 'smHandler' => 'schedule'),
           array('id' => "{$id},view", 'text' => 'View/Export',
                 'smHandler' => 'view'),
           array('id' => "{$id},info", 'text' => 'Info',
                 'smHandler' => 'info') );

    // The item menu itself
    $result['rows'][] = array('id' => $id, 'text' => $entry['title'],
                              'iconCls' => getIconCls($entry['iconCls']),
                              'menu' => $subMenu);

echo json_encode($result);

The smHandler is required for defining the submenu handler type, so that StoreMenu knows which handler to bind. Note that on the PHP side, you need to have menu and items as the array keys, so the generated JSON string will match the menu config in ExtJS.Button.

Here is a screen shot for the submenus of StoreMenu.

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  1. Topper
    Dec 2 2011

    Amazing, just what I was looking for! Thx a lot.


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