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May 3, 2011


Change ExtJS Grid rows’ background color without using CSS class

by Joe Kuan

If you need to change a row’s background color in ExtJS Grid Panel without using any CSS class, you can do it like this

var grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
  viewConfig: {
     getRowClass: function(record, index, rowParams, ds) {
         rowParams.tstyle = 'width:' + this.getTotalWidth() + ';';
         if (set_background) {
           rowParams.tstyle += "background-color:" + bgColor + ';';
         if (set_foreground) {
           rowParams.tstyle += "color:" + fgColor + ';';
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  1. Dec 12 2013

    hey dude
    thanks for the pro-tip
    take care

  2. May 18 2014

    thanks for your tip!

  3. Jul 16 2015

    This is old artricle but I have such a problem now, that’s why I found your article. But in ExtJS 4.x I can’t use your suggestion. What should return getRowClass function? I found this function can return only pointer to CSS.


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