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May 13, 2011

Extracts non-row data with ExtJS JsonStore

by Joe Kuan

Suppose you have a JsonStore object retrieving a number of records from the server and there are specific values which are the same for all the records, eg. average value.

For whatever the reason, you really just want to return these specific values separately as a field inside the JSON string, like the following:

   root: [ { id: 1, field1: value1, field2: value2, ... },
           { id: 2, field2: value2, field2: value2, ... }
                .... ],
  // or average: [ avg_val1, avg_val2 ]
  // or average: { field1: avg_val1, field2: avg_val2 }
  average1: avg_val1,
  average2: avg_val2,

You can setup with JsonReader‘s metaData property to create dynamic fields. However if you want a quick way to extract these values without bothering with metaData. Then you do it with the following one-liner:

var average1 = jsonStore.reader.jsonData.average1;

Of course, you need to do this within the Store’s load event handler.


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