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ExtJS: note on using autoLoad

Part of my web application is to construct a html document with embedded graph images. Once the document is created, a Panel component uses autoLoad property to load & display the content. However, the rendering inside the component is different to a browser displaying the html document. The ordered list tag < ol > is missing. Read more »


Configure Shellinabox as a url path on FreeBSD

I need to test my web application on a remote network. For policy reason, I am only allowed web access to my FreeBSD box (no ssh) which makes the debugging to the backend processes very difficult. Hence, I need to install a web based ssh client, shellinabox, a daemon program that opens a listening port service html pages with http requests and the backend is a ssh login process. Read more »


Emacs command line to indent Javascript code and convert tabs to spaces

Part of my project checkin script is to automatically apply coding style and converting tabs to spaces. Here is the command line:

emacs -batch file.js --eval "(custom-set-variables '(js-indent-level 2))"  -f mark-whole-buffer -f indent-region -f mark-whole-buffer -f untabify -f save-buffer -kill

Change the value of js-indent-level to any religion of white spaces.