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Enhance ExtJS Ticker with Store support

I need a ExtJS ticker and I found someone posted the code in the sencha forum which has an online demo. However, I need a number of extra features which are not supported. So again I have modified the code. Couple of the features are inspired by Mioplanet’s news ticker. Here are the main features:

  • option for ExtJS Store object
  • visually enhance with color labels
  • ticker pauses when mouse hovers over
  • support categorised message type such as: Warning, Info
  • click event handler support for messages Read more »

Watch your favourite TV programmes when you are abroad

If you are abroad and missing your favourite TV programmes (BBC iPlayer or ITV Live Sport) which are only available free online at home, then you can configure browser to use SOCKS proxy with ssh tunnelling to stream video/audio data from your remote (anywhere in UK) to your browser (abroad) location.

See this on how to setup.

For me, I use VPN to gain ssh access.