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Mental picture of ExtJs 4 MVC Architecture

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Highstock is working on ExtJs 4!! (Experimental)

Wahey!! I got Highstock working on ExtJs 4 after a full day hacking on my HighChart ExtJs 4 extension. Although HighStock shares common APIs to HighChart, the extension requires quite a few changes. Well, hopefully I can release the package probably sometime next week, need to create a lot of examples to make sure everything is working.


HighCharts extension for ExtJS 4

The article is obsolete. For information of the latest Highcharts extension supports for Sencha ExtJs 4 and Touch 2, click here.

Recently, I received more emails asking me for getting the HighCharts to run on ExtJs 4. I didn’t expect anyone will be interested as ExtJs 4 comes with its own chart library. Well, here is it is. I have ported the HighChart ExtJs 3 Adapter to ExtJs 4. Note that this is a true native ExtJs 4 port, such that none of the ExtJs 3 compatible classes are required. Please read this article before using the extension. Enjoy!! Read more »


Simple GUI messages handling with ExtJS 3

I need to have a very simple object to handle all the GUI messages in one single file which is for the purposes of simple extension on internationalisation. Also I can just hand the messages file to someone easily to correct my crappy english and plug back in the application. The code also handles message formatting using Ext.Template class. Read more »