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Changes to make CutyCapt bypassing ssl certificate confirmation

I need to use CutyCapt to run with https url on server side. However, it doesn’t support https url. A patch for bypassing the SSL certificate confirmation has been submitted on this page (and other additional features). However that change has never been pulled to the main release. So I tried to apply the patch to the source, the patch process didn’t work and the build failed. Read more »

Mar is up

Hi all,

I have setup which includes the Highstock and Highchart extensions for ExtJs 4. This site is constantly maintained with new added examples.


Making ExtJs (Submenus and Portal) iPad and iPhone friendly

As far as I know there are two main areas in ExtJs applications that need some works for making it touch devices (such as iPad and iPhone) friendly. One area is where the components rely on mouse hover actions such as submenus, whereas the other one is the general drag & drop (DD) motions. For mouse hover actions, only a simple configuration is required. As for drag & drop, simply includes touchHandler code will do the trick. However, application such as portal requires workaround to make sure the portlet title bar supporting DD and at the same time the tool buttons in the title bar response to touch actions. Read more »