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December 7, 2012

Learning Highcharts – A book shows you what you can do with Highcharts

by Joe Kuan

Highcharts is an HTML 5 JavaScript charting library which offers stunning graph presentation, highly flexible configurations, APIs and events, a great selection of different types of charts.

Here is my first published book, Learning Highcharts, showing you what you can do with Highcharts. This book contains :

  • a step by step guide from simple to presentable charts
  • a missing manual on topics such as: chart layout policy, color shading, etc
  • application demos with dynamic and interactive charts using Highcharts APIs and events
  • a guide to setup Highcharts running on the server-side
  • application demos with mobile web framework jQuery Mobile and desktop Rich Internet Application framework Ext JS
  • many examples of charts with series types: line/spline, area spline, column, bar, scatter, pie, gauge, polar, area range and column range
  • even more examples on charts with specific configurations such as: projection line chart, stacked mirror chart, horizontal gauge chart, and much more

Here is the table of contents:

  1. Web Charts
  2. Highcharts Configurations
  3. Line, Area and Scatter Charts
  4. Bar and Column Charts
  5. Pie Charts
  6. Gauge, Polar and Range Charts
  7. Highcharts APIs
  8. Highcharts Events
  9. Highcharts and jQuery Mobile
  10. Highcharts and Ext JS
  11. Running Highcharts on Server-side

Here are some of the chart examples from the book.

A poster like chart design created from Highcharts

A scatter, spline area and spline series type chart with image file.

Highcharts pie chart with 2 concentric rings

Highcharts pie chart with 2 concentric rings


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