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December 24, 2012


StoreMenu for ExtJs 4 – a dynamic toolbar menus created from the Store

by Joe Kuan

StoreMenu screenshotI have been maintaining and enhancing StoreMenu for ExtJs 3 but never got the time to update the extension for ExtJs 4. Here it is, a complete rewrite and native implementation for ExtJs 4.

Click here for tutorial and API documentation in Sencha style.

For online demo, click here

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  1. Dec 31 2012

    please, can you post the menu.php code ?

    thank you for your work.


    • Joe Kuan
      Dec 31 2012

      It’s in the demo directory.


      • claudiobarca
        Jan 2 2013

        Sorry, but I cant’ browse Demo directory.


        You don’t have permission to access /demos/StoreMenu_ExtJs_4/demo/ on this server.

        Thank’s, and happy new year.

      • claudiobarca
        Jan 2 2013

        Ok, sorry for my mistake. I found menu.php on your GitHub repository.
        Your code run perfectly.



  2. steward
    Apr 7 2013

    Nicely done.

      // In ExtJs 4, menu doesn't fire 'show' event
      config.listeners.beforeshow = this.onMenuLoad;

    In (5 April 2013) I see only these events: click, and mouse enter/leave/over.

    Naturally, I can load but nothing ever shows.

    Did extjs change or am I lost?

    How to refresh/show/display once loaded …?

    • Joe Kuan
      Apr 21 2013

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Can you give me example code?


  3. Sep 8 2013

    god job

  4. Евгений
    Nov 14 2013

    It`s works not good. Only Menu demo 2 works immediately after loading. For first and last working you need open second item and move mouse pointer to them. (OS – Ubuntu 13.04, browsers Chromium ver. 30.0.1599.114 and FF ver. 25.0)


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