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ExtJs 3 & 4 TreeGrid Component: adding grid line style and highlighting expanded nodes/rows

ExtJs 3 TreeGrid style

In ExtJs 3, a default TreeGrid has no cell grid lines. This article demonstrates how to improve the style and fix the hidden column alignment. The following is a ExtJs 3 TreeGrid screenshot with default style showing network usages:

Default TreeGrid style

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News/Events/Stocks Ticker for ExtJs 4

Ticker for ExtJs 4

Ticker class for ExtJs 4 creates a messages scrolling component that can move horizontally from left to right or vice versa, or even vertically moving from top to bottom or vice versa. This component can be used as a stocks, news or events ticker. The class offers a number of flexibilities and features. Here are some of them: Read more »


Highcharts selection event callback: exposing mouse event clientX & clientY info

I have been manually doing this change in my own versions of Highcharts for couple years and it is not been done in the latest version (pre 3.0). This minor feature probably too trivial to consider. However, after recent discussion with Torsein, he thinks this is a good idea and it will be put in Highcharts 3.0 code base.
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