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February 2, 2013


News/Events/Stocks Ticker for ExtJs 4

by Joe Kuan

Ticker for ExtJs 4

Ticker class for ExtJs 4 creates a messages scrolling component that can move horizontally from left to right or vice versa, or even vertically moving from top to bottom or vice versa. This component can be used as a stocks, news or events ticker. The class offers a number of flexibilities and features. Here are some of them:

  • Supports horizontal and vertical (offers -90 and 90 degree verical facing) scrolling banners with either directions
  • Scrolling speed control
  • Supports single or multiple binding of Store objects or manually update without relying on Store
  • Supports ticker messages categorisation and displays them with category labels with own CSS class
  • Supports ticker messages onclick action e.g. click to zoom into information of a stock, news or an event
  • Supports mouseover pause on ticker messages, so viewer can read or click them easily

A variety of online demos can be found at and source in github.

Here are some of the other screenshots:

A ticker component is created along with other toolbar buttons

Ticker for ExtJs along with toolbar buttons

Stocks are grouped into categories and scrolled with group tags

Ticker for ExtJs 4 - stocks ticking in categories

Multiple bottom toolbars with each toolbar containing a ticker component

Ticker for ExtJs 4 - multiple bottom toolbars with each containing a ticker component

Stock ticker scrolls in vertical direction

Stock ticker for ExtJs 4 in vertical direction

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  1. gubespam
    May 1 2013

    The link to the live demos appears to be broken. You can get to it by going to and clicking on the demo from the left pane.

    • Joe Kuan
      May 2 2013

      I can access to the ticker demo from Which browser are you using?


  2. Alfonso
    Aug 11 2013

    The url is wrong have an extra caracter. ‘s’

  3. Tyler Barrus
    Sep 4 2013

    Is there a method to get the store to reload every time it is about to begin scrolling (say, when it scrolls off the left and about to begin again on the right?)

    • Joe Kuan
      Sep 8 2013

      Sorry for the late reply. I don’t think my Ticker extension supports that feature. I haven’t maintained that extension for a long time as I thought no one will use it.

      If you want to experiment it, then have a look at the scroll method in the extension. That get call every time the message scrolls.


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