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May 8, 2014


Highcharts 4 extension for ExtJs is here

by Joe Kuan

Highcharts 4 extension for ExtJs

A new version of Highcharts extension for ExtJs 4 is released. This extension (3.0.1) is a major release which includes following updates:

  • supports Highcharts 4 including the long waited 3D charts and heatmap (in beta)
  • added missing Pyramid series
  • beta support for Highmaps

The documentation has also been updated. Check out the demos on 3D charts and the license for usage. The demos for Highmaps and heatmap will be coming soon which will be implemented in separate web application (using Sencha Architect).

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  1. luigi sapgnolo
    May 22 2014

    I am incorporating Highcharts_Sencha into our own application based on ExtJs. I wrote a couple of ExtJs Override classes (in order to keep your code untouched) that may be helpful.

    See the code here:

    • Joe Kuan
      May 22 2014

      Thank you for your contribution. I will have a look at the weekend.

  2. Jun 17 2014

    Hi.. Im a new by for ExtJs 4 with HighChart. Im trying to put chart into panel as xtype, but every we call there is error in my consol as this.

    “GET http://localhost/myfolder/highcharts/bar.js 404 (Not Found) ext-dev.js:10587″
    “Uncaught Error: [Ext.Loader] Failed loading synchronously via XHR: ‘highcharts/bar.js’; please verify that the file exists. XHR status code: 404 ”

    I’m trying to find where is not found file and trying to debug.

    Please help.


    • Joe Kuan
      Jun 21 2014

      It looks like you have path setup problem. Have a look at the Ext.Loader reference manual.

  3. Aug 20 2014

    I keep getting this error when i do a sencha app build

    [ERR] C2008: Requirement had no matching files (Chart.ux.Highcharts) — C:\xampp
    [ERR] com.sencha.exceptions.ExBuild: Failed to find any files for C:\xampp\htdoc
    [ERR] Total time: 3 seconds
    [ERR] The following error occurred while executing this line:

    it works fine if I did not build it

    • Joe Kuan
      Aug 21 2014

      Yes, I know this is one of the outstanding issues. However, I am max out trying to finish the Highcharts book. Once I get this out of the doors, I will fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Jags
        Feb 26 2015

        Hi Joe, is this fixed now?

      • Joe Kuan
        Feb 28 2015

        Hi Jags,

        I have just written a new blog on how to build a sencha app with the extension using sencha cmd tool. Let me know if you have any issues. Sorry for taking mega long.


    • Jags
      Feb 26 2015

      Did you find any solution? I am facing the same problem. Please help.

      • Joe Kuan
        Feb 26 2015

        Hi Jag,

        I don’t have time the time but I have emails from other users that have resolved this. Let me know your email address. I forward you the email.


  4. Jags
    Mar 3 2015

    Hi Joe.. my email address is I use ExtJS 4 and 5 I do test/prod builds using Sencha Cmd 5.1. How much do you charge for commercial usage? Can you also help me out with HeatMap examples? (a link will do just fine) Thanks once again.

    • Joe Kuan
      Mar 4 2015


      I have just written a blog demonstrating how to use sencha cmd to build app. Is that any help? If not, I need to know how big is your work on heatmap and then decide from there. It’s better you contact me via



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