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September 14, 2014


Highcharts extension for ExtJs 4/5 is here now

by Joe Kuan

screen Highcharts Extension 3.1.0 now supports ExtJs 5. It includes couple updates:

– All demos now refer to ExtJs CDN rather than from my demo site

– Added support for Solid Gauge series

Apart from removing deprecated methods in ExtJs, all the existing code should work directly with this extension & ExtJs 5. There are known issues using with sencha command which I still need more user feedbacks and time to resolve this. Hopefully, I will find some time to finalise my Highmaps extension for ExtJs.

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  1. Marcus
    Oct 2 2014

    Hi Joe,
    regarding sencha command issues. What kind of feedback do you need?

    I tried to integrate your extension with sencha cmd, but up to now without success. I guess the smartes way would be to create a package as described here

    I will try further and keep you informed about it.

    • Joe Kuan
      Oct 4 2014

      Sorry, I have very limited resource due to multiple commitments. It would be great if you can tar up the your code (excluding the extjs framework) and email it to me ( with sencha cmd version, the error messages and how u invoke the command.



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