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September 22, 2014

Highcharts extension for Sencha ExtJs now includes Highmaps support

by Joe Kuan

The new release now includes Highmaps support. A new online demo is setup and the demo code is included in the new release under the directory, highmaps_demo.extjs4. Although the demo code is implemented in ExtJs 4, the extension should support Highmaps under ExtJs 5. All the Highmaps demos are copied from the original online demo from Highcharts and there are some missing. I may include them when time allows.

The Highmaps is implemented as a module of Highcharts extension. Hence, users need to load Highcharts library first and then include the Highmaps in order to use the Highmaps support. The reason for that it saves me workload on maintaining and distributing this extension, also users can run Highcharts and Highmaps in the same application. There won’t be release for pure Highmaps extension. For tutorial and reference, see the API doc.

Here are some of the screenshots from the online demo:

Popup window of individual details by clicking a region in the map:


Drill down by clicking a region in the map


Multiple map series support with map, lines and points


Bubble series in Highmap


Heatmap series supported by Highmaps


Popup menu by clicking a region in the map



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