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Notes on exporting HTML document with images to Word on Linux

We have a web application (under Ubuntu webserver) with a WYSIWYG html editor which let users to create a report template with custom tags. These custom tags are then resolved to technical graph images and embedded into the report. This application allows users to

  1. preview the report with graphs on the web browsers
  2. schedule to generate the report which then export to Word document and deliver via email attachment.

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Learning Highcharts 4 is out now

Learning Highcharts 4

Learning Highcharts 4Learning Highcharts 4 is the 2nd edition of my previous book, Learning Highcharts, and it is out now. This edition covers Highcharts 4 in 15 chapters with around 430+ pages. Four brand new chapters and one rewritten chapter, the rest of the chapters have been much revised with new sections. In a nutshell, it has nearly 50 percent of new material. Learning Highcharts aims to be the most comprehensive Highcharts book in the market. Moreover, the book comes with a myriad of examples showing you how to recreate from real-life charts with step-by-step approach. It also covers topics such as: APIs, events, integration with jQuery Mobile and Sencha’s ExtJs 5 frameworks, server-side PhantomJS script, Highcharts cloud service and plugins. Read more »