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January 24, 2015


Learning Highcharts 4 is out now

by Joe Kuan

Learning Highcharts 4

Learning Highcharts 4Learning Highcharts 4 is the 2nd edition of my previous book, Learning Highcharts, and it is out now. This edition covers Highcharts 4 in 15 chapters with around 430+ pages. Four brand new chapters and one rewritten chapter, the rest of the chapters have been much revised with new sections. In a nutshell, it has nearly 50 percent of new material. Learning Highcharts aims to be the most comprehensive Highcharts book in the market. Moreover, the book comes with a myriad of examples showing you how to recreate from real-life charts with step-by-step approach. It also covers topics such as: APIs, events, integration with jQuery Mobile and Sencha’s ExtJs 5 frameworks, server-side PhantomJS script, Highcharts cloud service and plugins.


Here are some of the Highcharts graphs from the book:

chart3_4 chart15 chart7 chart13 9083OS_11_10 bubble_7 pyramid_final chart7_heatmap chart8_heatmap consumers donut_hk_gold pie_avg_hrs_per_day drilldown3d_pie3d zoom_and_display combine_plugin_drag


In March 2012, Packt Publishing approached me for writing the first Highcharts book in the market. The new experience and having my first book published have kept me motivated towards the goal. Although it was a grinding 9 months process, I was so busy and it felt quick. Since then, there have been a number of different Highcharts book hit the shelves.

In Feb 2014, Packt Publishing asked me to write the 2nd edition. I was in two minds taking the task. On one side, I wasn’t really sure I want to get back to the tough & busy schedule on top of the demanding work and family balance. On the other side, Highcharts has become a much more mature and complete product with new type of graphs, 3D charts, cloud service etc. It would be a shame not to put some sparks in “Learning Highcharts”. Plus I want to take that opportunity to dedicate to my sister who is fighting cancer courageously. So I have taken on the latter option. Although the book is expanded from the first edition, oh boys, the task was still as laborious and stubborn as before. Now I know what it means and takes when some achievers say “keeping up the level/momentum”.

Having published two books in three years is an achievement for me. Hence, my journey with Highcharts has come to an end and it is unlikely for me to continue (unless I am unemployed). I hope this book can enthuse readers about Highcharts and what they can do with it.

My utmost gratitude

Joe Kuan

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  1. Jan Bruusgaard
    Nov 15 2016

    Bought the printed book, but miss the source code. is not responding.

    • Joe Kuan
      Nov 15 2016

      Thanks for buying the book. You will have to register with Packt Publishing to download the code. Here is the



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