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Building ExtJs/Highcharts Application with Sencha Cmd 5 Tool

A number of users have asked me how to build ExtJs application with my Highcharts extension using Sencha Cmd tool. I have been ignoring this question with the excuse of way too busy. Now, my new book is done and I am going to address this here. The aim of this article is to demonstrate that the extension does work with sencha command tool.

Lets start off by generating an ExtJs 5 application with the following sencha command:

sencha -sdk extjs5 generate app HighchartsSenchaDemo hcExtJsDemo

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Postgresql – command line to return a single size value of databases

Return the total size usage of a particular database

psql -c "SELECT pg_database_size(pg_database.datname) FROM pg_database WHERE pg_database.datname = 'MyDatabase'; " -t -h localhost -U postgres

Return the total size usage of all the databases

psql -c "SELECT sum(pg_database_size(pg_database.datname)) FROM pg_database;" -t -h localhost -U postgres;



Converting HTML document with IMG src link to IMG embedded data in PHP

In my previous blog, I need to convert a HTML document with IMG src link to IMG with embedded base64 image content. Here is a PHP script that scans the HTML document and replace the IMG tags with embedded content, i.e. changing from this

<img src='./4/data.png'/>

to that

<img src='....

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