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Creating Bash 4.3.27 source package

Due to the severity of shellshock bug, I have to patch some of the internal legacy systems, like FreeBSD 8.0 which there are no more updates available. The only way I can update is to download the source from GNU site and build from that. However, the main source package is only available at version 4.3.0 at the time of writing. To remove the shellshock bug, it needs at least version 4.3.25. Although all the patches are located in the bash-4.3-patches directory, not of all them were created by pointing to “../bash-4.3” directory, some with different names.

So here it is, I have created this bash source package 4.3.27 with all these patches. I built it on FreeBSD and it passed the env test.


FreeBSD /usr/ports build with all the default options

Something to remind myself

make -DBATCH install clean

Changes to make CutyCapt bypassing ssl certificate confirmation

I need to use CutyCapt to run with https url on server side. However, it doesn’t support https url. A patch for bypassing the SSL certificate confirmation has been submitted on this page (and other additional features). However that change has never been pulled to the main release. So I tried to apply the patch to the source, the patch process didn’t work and the build failed. Read more »


Configure Shellinabox as a url path on FreeBSD

I need to test my web application on a remote network. For policy reason, I am only allowed web access to my FreeBSD box (no ssh) which makes the debugging to the backend processes very difficult. Hence, I need to install a web based ssh client, shellinabox, a daemon program that opens a listening port service html pages with http requests and the backend is a ssh login process. Read more »


Running CutyCapt + Qt on FreeBSD

I need to generate some screenshots from a Javascript graphing library, Highcharts, on the server side as in a background process. Luckily, this post in Highchart forum has the answer. As for running CutyCapt on FreeBSD, there is only minor difference. Here are the steps: Read more »


Install FreeBSD archive packages online via sysinstall

I wrote this just for reminding myself. Sometimes, when you try to install a package on a older release FreeBSD machine via sysinstall using the online method, you will find the release become obsolete and cannot be installed anymore. Read more »


Note on implementing Ajax style hidden IFRAME upload page on FreeBSD 8.0

This problem has taken me a while to track it down. The same code works fine on Ubuntu with IE8, Firefox, Safari but it just doesn’t work on FreeBSD. Read more »


Quick tutorial on how to create a FreeBSD system startup script

The init system of FreeBSD is quite different to the Linux. There is no concept of symbolic link of the init script to each run level and no run level. All you have is one big long list of init scripts and very simple way to administer these scripts. If you want some further readings, check out the original paper on rc.d system.

Here is a short tutorial, hopefully someone will find it useful. If you need to know more in depth, check out the FreeBSD document Read more »


Quick steps on setting up Apache + SSL + PHP + JSON on FreeBSD 8.0

There are many webpages that offer comprehensive information on setting up Apache on FreeBSD, such as However, I can’t find any tutorial just list the quick steps to get me going in minutes. So here is one. Read more »


Building the latest Intel ixgbe driver (1.9.0) on FreeBSD 7.1

FreeBSDThis is a short note of what needed to be changes to get the Intel ixgbe driver build for the FreeBSD 7.1 kernel. I needed to build a product, INE Ultra, for a customer and the product is built on FreeBSD 7.1 with an Intel 10 Gigabit XF SR Dual Port Ethernet card.

When I booted the machine, there were no sign of Intel network devices apart from the motherboard ones. Then I found out, the card requires ixgbe driver which is not configured as part of the kernel compilation. Read more »