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ICMP Identifier field in UDP between Linux and OSX

Ping packet is traditionally created as a raw packet and formatted into ICMP ECHO REQUEST. The problem with creating a raw socket requires root privilege. It is alright if the program is running as part of the system service under root anyway. However, running as a non privilege user, the program requires extra care by configuring the setuid bit which poses security risks e.g. the program may have memory leak which can be hijacked with shellcode.
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(Mac) Taking screenshots with mouse pointer not supported by Grab

In Mac, both Preview and Grab can take screenshots but Grab can also capture the mouse pointer. If you want different mouse cursor look, then you have to select your desired pointer type in Grab -> Preferences. Read more »


Convert VCD movies to iPod with freeware

ipodI have lots of VCD movies in my shelf. It would be nice converting these movies onto my iPod and watch them while exercising in gym. After googling how to convert the VCDs into iPod, most of the solutions were referring to non freewares (I suspect most of the replies are by the authors of those tools).
However, I don’t believe that is the only solution. Some people post it by simply renaming the .dat file to .mpg file. That is not entirely true either although pretty close.
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