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Posts from the ‘Browser/IE’ Category


Force downloading XML files on IE

I have this old code for downloading files using hidden IFRAME. Strangely, it just doesn’t work on IE when downloading XML files, it works on anything other than .xml file extension. Making the hidden IFRAME visible shows that IE automatically opens the XML file within the IFRAME, even the HTTP MIME header is ‘application/force-download’ (I have also tried ‘download, x-download’) on the server side. Read more »


Using Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater to update Flotr graph in both Ajax Window (pop-in) and child browser window (pop-out) simultaneously on IE8

This article describes how to use Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater and Flotr to plot a graph inside Ajax Windows and browser windows (IE8). The same continuous graph that can do ‘pop in’ as an Ajax Window and ‘pop out’ as inside a browser window. Throughout the article, I am using Prototype-UI for creating Ajax Windows, ie all the tools used in here are based on Prototype.

Plotting graphs within Ajax windows is easy. However, drawing graphs between Ajax windows and standalone browser windows requires a bit more understanding on both Flotr and IE8. I will show you and explain what went wrong in the first approach that has only worked on Safari and Firefox but failed on IE8 and came up with a second approach which worked in all browsers. Read more »


Internet Explorer Debugger – The way it reports errors is misleading

ie_logoOne of my many annoyances of IE is the way it reports Javascript errors. It is misleading and it brings confusion. One of the typical errors is ‘Object Expected’, it generally means reference to an object is undefined. The common cause is a function hasn’t been declared or some syntax errors within. Read more »