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How to create HighStocks area range chart for ExtJs

Here is an example of using the Highstocks extension for ExtJs 4 to create an area range stock chart.

First, there is a minor bug in the Highstocks extension that the property name for specifying the series type is ‘series.plot‘, not ‘series.type‘. Read more »


Building ExtJs/Highcharts Application with Sencha Cmd 5 Tool

A number of users have asked me how to build ExtJs application with my Highcharts extension using Sencha Cmd tool. I have been ignoring this question with the excuse of way too busy. Now, my new book is done and I am going to address this here. The aim of this article is to demonstrate that the extension does work with sencha command tool.

Lets start off by generating an ExtJs 5 application with the following sencha command:

sencha -sdk extjs5 generate app HighchartsSenchaDemo hcExtJsDemo

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Highstock extension for ExtJs 4

Here is a Highstock extension for ExtJs 4. The extension is derived from the original work of Highcharts ExtJs adapter with significant modifications. Although Highstock shares the same APIs and similar configs as the Highcharts, I tried my best to change as little as possible in terms of usage. With the correct setup, this extension can do all the different plots as the original Highstock demos in ExtJs 4 framework.

This is a rather long article. The first part is to demonstrate how to create a Highstock config in ExtJs 4. The second part is to describe how to use the extension to achieve more advanced plots shown in the Highstock demos. Hopefully, you won’t find it too difficult to follow.

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Highstock is working on ExtJs 4!! (Experimental)

Wahey!! I got Highstock working on ExtJs 4 after a full day hacking on my HighChart ExtJs 4 extension. Although HighStock shares common APIs to HighChart, the extension requires quite a few changes. Well, hopefully I can release the package probably sometime next week, need to create a lot of examples to make sure everything is working.