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Posts from the ‘PhantomJs’ Category


Using PhantomJs to download code

I think jsFiddle is great but it is generally lack of simple functions like download (and fiddles management) to get the code into HTML file. Here, I have come up a workaround solution using the awesome PhantomJs to pack each part into an HTML file. At the moment, the code only translates the jQuery library selection but that is a proof of concept, it can be done. Save me doing cut & paste manually.
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PhantomJs: The best way to save rendered HTML page into an image file

Suppose you have an HTML page that overflows with scrollbars but you want to save the whole content into an image file. You don’t need to use canvas, CutyCapt, browser add-on, etc. PhantomJs is your new best friend: a headless webkit. Install and follow the quick start guide. Read more »


PhantomJS: a new way for running Highcharts on the server side

While I was writing up a survey for running Highcharts on the server side which accounts for 3 approaches:

  • Xvfb + web browser on server side (Unix only)
  • Rhino + Env.js (Java solution)
  • Node/Node.js + Highcharts NodeJs module (Javascript solution)

I didn’t realise there is another one, PhantomJS (thanks to the remark by Torstein Hønsi).
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