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Internet Explorer Debugger – The way it reports errors is misleading

ie_logoOne of my many annoyances of IE is the way it reports Javascript errors. It is misleading and it brings confusion. One of the typical errors is ‘Object Expected’, it generally means reference to an object is undefined. The common cause is a function hasn’t been declared or some syntax errors within. Read more »


Ajax/Prototype/Prototype-UI: How to setup Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater with UI.Window

Prototype-UIThis tutorial shows you how to create a Prototype-UI window with Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater. Suppose you need to create an Ajax window and the content is constantly updating. My preferable approach is to wrap both the UI.Window and Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater into one object. To combine PeriodicalUpdater with UI.Window together, the PeriodicalUpdater must be stopped when the window is closed. In order to do that, the UI.Window close event handler must be overridden and the PeriodicalUpdater object is visible to the handler.

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Ajax/Prototype: Use onComplete to separate Javascript client code from HTML page

PrototypeSuppose that you use Ajax.Updater to update the HTML content inside a DOM element. Usually, the HTML forms or table entries require a bit of embedded Javascript code for the event handlers. However, using the onComplete property can give a nice separation between the HTML page and Javascript code. Read more »


Prototype-UI: A quick start guide on Ajax Windows

Prototype-UIHere is a short tutorial showing you how to use Prototype-UI to create Ajax windows and control the properties between windows.

There are many window based Ajax frameworks out there in the market, ZK, Backbase, Ext-JS, YUI, GWT, etc. It depends on whether your web application requires to be client or server centric or a bit of both and the complexity of it. They all need a bit of learning curve. Recently, I came across another window based Ajax product, Prototype-UI, which is based on the well known Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries. Prototype-UI is a client centric and it is an extension work on previously known as PCW window library. Read more »